About Ocular PD LLC

Ocular PhotoDisinfection LLC is actively seeking to collaborate on development and commercialization of final devices for use in disinfecting corneas and eye-related surfaces for transplant, surgery, office treatments, and other ophthalmology applications, as well as other disinfection devices. The U.S. addressable market under any scenario is huge for ophthalmic disinfection devices. Other opportunities for sales include world markets and animal cornea replacements.

Ocular PD LLC has an exclusive license to develop and sell devices using patented Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology to the Ophthalmology sector.

All patents are currently owned by S. Edward Neister, Pathogen Path Consultants LLC (PPC) and as the sole inventor, Neister has granted to Ocular PhotoDisinfection LLC a royalty-free license to make, use, sell, offer to sell, develop, and improve on, any of the technologies contained within such patents. PPC is filing additional patents on Far-UV Sterilray™ device variations.