How It Works

DNA absortion Curve

Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology includes a narrow-line, recyclable light source and a compact power source. Multiple independent laboratory tests of Far-UV Sterilray™ devices confirm that they are the first and only dry, chemical-free, recyclable, mercury-free, portable or stationary devices that kill all surface, liquid, and air-borne bacteria, viruses, and spores in seconds. A greater than 99.99% reduction of even the most antibiotic-resistant pathogens (VRE, CRE, C. Difficile, and MRSA) is achieved.


Far-UV Sterilray light is the photonic disruption of microbial DNA by scission of the DNA backbone which is fatal to the DNA as it cannot be repaired by the organism.
The microbes, regardless of DNA complexity, are eliminated promptly.
The higher photonic energy of 222nm Far-UV Sterilray light provides absorption by the DNA of microbes but preferential passage through the mammalian cells, preserving their integrity.
If enough energy is added to the tissues, eventual damage will occur, but the margin of safety is far greater for 222nm Far-UV Sterilray light compared to conventional 254 germicidal UV-C lamps.
• Instant variable power!
• No mercury.
• Long lamp life.
• Pathogens can not mutate.
• Portable, lightweight