Future of High Level Disinfection

Use the Pathogen Reduction Box (PRB) to disinfect high touch items that are frequently passed from patient to health care worker and/or from worker to worker. It will produce a high disinfection level on any object placed inside. Use to quickly disinfect movable patient items, TV remotes, stethoscopes, oximeter probes, pens, glasses, cell phones, etc. An automatic cut-off makes the PRB operation very simple to use.


* Dry, chemical-free disinfection.
* Disinfection of non-critical items in 20 seconds.
* Disinfection of all sides of an object in one cycle.
* Instant-on lamp for easy operation.
* Automatic cut-off if door is opened.
* Green Clean – environmentally friendly.
* No mercury or other dangerous materials in the lamp.
* No residue left behind.
* No breakdown or fading of rubber or plastics.
* Disinfection of personal items before leaving the facility.