Eye Banks

Far-UV Sterilray™ from Ocular PhotoDisinfection, LLC provides a collimated beam of 222nm Far-UV Sterilray™ light to tissue or instruments to sterilize the tissue from all known microbial organisms. The killing power of this solitary wavelength against bacteria, fungi, parasites, cysts and viruses makes it a powerful tool for sterilizing donor corneal tissue before distribution and against corneal and conjunctival infections. Recent testing has proven the safety of the 222 nm Far-UV Sterilray™ wavelength on corneal endothelial cells, by specular microscopy up to seven days post Far-UV Sterilray™ exposure. In addition, we have independently demonstrated the killing power of this wavelength against Staph aureus, Psedomonas aeruginosa and Candida albicans, while sparing corneal tissue.