Ocular PhotoDisinfection Team

Ocular PD is developing a final lamp product(s) for use in the Ophthalmology Sector. The Company has partnered with Dr. J. Jim Rowsey MD, Director of Corneal Services, St. Michael’s Eye and Laser Institute (Largo FL), and Dr. Eric Abdullayev MD, Senior Manager of laboratory Operations, Lion’s Eye Institute for Transplant and Research (Tampa FL), leading practitioners and researchers in the Sector, to test the effect of Far-UV Sterilray™ on donor-exposed transplantable corneas. Both safety and antimicrobial efficacy were demonstrated.

Steve Hudson, Ocular PD CEO

24 Years+ Full P&L Management Experience:
· Start- Up Thru $250mm Worldwide Sales, 5-980 Employees
· Engineering/Technology- Based Mfg. Businesses
· Solution Selling, Technology- Based Products,

Top Performance Growing EBITADA (Eg., From 5% To 14%), Sales By 2-4x From Base Level, Increasing Net Income +30-250%, Reducing Operating Costs By 5-50%.

Conception & $57mm+ Sales Of New, Value-Added Products
· Multi-Facility, Facility Transition
· Assembly Line Efficiencies/Lean Manufacturing
· Operations & Sales Rapid Growth/ Ramp-Up
· Offshore Management: S. America, Europe, Asia
· Board Collaboration Experience

Successful Strategies Development And Implementation:
- Vision, Leadership Of Stakeholders
- Turnaround Management Experience
- Hypergrowth Management Experience

2 Successful Build And Exit Experiences With Private Companies.
3 Successful Turnaround And Build Experiences

BA Degree - Liberal Arts With Biology And Chemistry Minors, University Of Notre Dame
MBA Degree – Marketing, Xavier University (Cincinnati)
Harvard Business School - 2-Yr Strategic Management Program

John Neister, EVP Sales & Marketing
John brings 30 years of award-winning sales and marketing experience to HEO3 LLC, and is responsible for initiating and developing the several programs now in progress with HEO3’s customers and potential Fortune 500 customers. John has an excellent ability to work with customers to customize Far-UV Sterilray™ technology to their applications and jointly develop testing protocols.  He is a media expert, and has developed HEO3’s promotional materials and defined the Company’s promotion/advertising strategies. John attended the University of Massachusetts majoring in Business Administration.

S. Edward Neister, Consultant and Licensor
Ed Neister, President, Pathogen Path Consulting LLC, holds 15 patents for a number of different applications that includes the Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology patents.  He started and operated 5 companies including a 100-person laser company that he ran for 22 years.  Ed enjoys developing new technology but has developed an extensive background in manufacturing these high-tech products that he developed/invented.  During his laser work, he developed special lasers for material diagnostics and laser medical applications for breaking kidney stones, removing port wine stains, spider veins and varicose veins, and removing tattoos.  Ed was a co-Founder of Powerspan Corporation (www.powerspan.com) and helped to develop technology which efficiently reduced to near zero NOx, SOx, fine particulates, metals, mercury, and CO2 from coal-fired electrical generating power plants. Ed earned a BS from WPI and a MS from Northeastern University both in Physics.